why pormo? P.O.R.M.O - porno oughta really make orgasms

 Pormo - That's right... porMo with an M instead of an N.. but why?

For me, PORMO stands for "porno oughta really make orgasms" - because since the mid 90's I've been tired of having popup windows, viruses, misleading links and other nonsense that has nothing to do with me seeing hot stuff or cumming.. my entire purpose of spending so much time online.

Look at THIS page for example:

There's no crazy shit blinking at you all over the place fighting for your attention.

Nothing popped up in your face OR behind this current window and will NOT when you leave or refresh the page.

It is hopefully loading fast for you because I pay for a premium hosting account, not some free hosted shit that is over used and loaded down with advertising to make up the difference for money lost.

NO virus, NO spyware, NO malware, NO privacy invasion, NO information collected.

EVERY link or image clicked goes to what you'd expect. NOTHING misleading. Text links and thumbnails go to exactly what they say they are (unless it's down or whatever out of my control)

This isn't an advertising nightmare or as they say, "banner farm".

Let's take a porn break.. how refreshing (more info throughout the page)

pormo - porno oughta really make orgasms

So far so good, right? Sexy girls, hot action, everything is as it should be...

I want to make things easy on myself and people who visit my site. You want XYZ? Here's XYZ, plain and simple.

Life is short and sexuality is fun! I don't want to waste my time and I don't want to waste yours either.

As my neighbor on this planet, we have similar concerns - like paying bills, having fun, relaxing, trying to avoid people abusing us in ways we don't want.. etc..

There are people who make fortunes to abuse us. Just stuff shit down our throats whether we want it or not... I just can't be one of those people.

I don't EVER e-mail anything. I don't do pay-per-click crap that just pushes people around no matter where THEY want to go... IF I'm to make any money doing this it is only if you BUY something. I don't tell you that for any reason other than to let you know that you, your info, your computer and all are safe here. Buying is a very purposeful thing - you have to fill out info, etc.. You'll KNOW if and when it's happening. And it'll only happen if you get what you want or need AND you feel it is right for you.

So for instance - if you buy sex toys, dildos, lubes, condoms, virtually any adult "product" and you come here - the only thing I stand to gain by using popups and nonsense is to piss you off.. and that is NOT my goal. In that case, you'll see a link on my site like this:  BUY SEX TOYS DISCREETLY - which is exactly what it says... A massive site that provides an incredible selection of sex toys with good prices, security and absolute discretion in handling info, packaging, shipping, etc. I only want to give you what you want. Period.

more porno?

What you see is what you click - so that makes it quicker and easier than many sites.. and that's good.

So I can find hot porno, categorize it and present it in a way that is fast, easy and doesn't waste your time.

Comfortable? Relaxed? Got yourself a drink? No-nonsense is THE way to live..

Enjoy my friend! - from your neighbor on this planet - all the best to you!


If these thumbnails aren't something you're interested in:
I am making this page on May 7th 2014.. as of this moment I have the following categories made...

adult porno | amateur porno | asian porno | black porno | cam porno | free porno | hardcore porno
interracial porno | gay porno | lesbian porno | live porno | pormo | porno movies

If you are here later than that, check the front page at pormo.com because there are probably more categories now


Here are links to things that have served me well, long term - as with everything else, it's exactly what it says

Porno Videos On Demand - Straight to the point with no nonsense. Massive porno movie archive with a massive amount of categories where you only pay for exactly what you want. Time tested and proven for many years.

Adult Webcams - Probably the single source with the most cam models online. If you like webcams and variety, this is definitely the place to go. I'm a huge fan of webcams and this is a long time favorite.

Porno Movies On DVD - If you buy porn on DVD's, this is a discrete resource with great selections.

Sex Toys - Same link as mentioned earlier.. huge inventory - excellent handling of info and items, completely discreet and they've got good prices too.

More Adult Cams - There are probably 5 webcam resources that I can't do without, but I'm only giving my top 2 here. What this site lacks in large number of models online at one time like the other one, they make up in interface and quality. They've got some really, really hot people on their cams and ready to go.

Desktop Fun - Virtual Stripper - Girl on Girl - Guys - These are 'performers' that are loaded directly onto your desktop. You download software (safe! no malware, no virus, no nonsense) that is the interface for the action and also where you pick and choose whatever models/performers/strippers you are interested in. The software is free, the individual performer upgrades cost money.

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PORMO - porno oughta really make orgasms - hot hardcore porn with no nonsense for you to enjoy!